Hey guys! I’d like to introduce you to our new part-time reviewer the Shadow Queen.  Without further ado, her first review for Demon Lover’s! 
Resounding Echo
Selissa is a normal human woman cursed with amenisia, stuck in an temple. Her only friend is a priest who doesn’t mind that she is a little bit different than everyone else, she is covered by a tatoo on her back that noone can explain.  
Selissa tries to find out anything about her life before she arrived at the temple.  One day when a group of refugees shows up looking for sanctuary, another stranger arrives who seems to know something about her. 
 A young apprentice was murdered in the ceremony hall, which the stranger informs Selissa that she is the reason why it happened, that its a warning.   He informs her that she needs to leave the temple that “they” are after her. That they either need her or she is threat to them.  She can make the first move or she can wait for them to find her. 
So she leaves the temple with this stranger to find out about herself.  
She finds out that the “they” are a clan of demon worshippers called the Deimos who are trying to release the demon lord Azarial and that the archangels are the ones that imprisoned him. 

The book recieved a 4 out of 5 stars for me due to it being a little slow to start.  But once it did get started there was enough action and a budding romance  to keep me interested in the story. I will definately be reading the next book to find out what happens to Selissa.

***Thank you to the author for the review copy