Wrecked by Cynthia EdenWrecked Series: LOST #6
on May 30, 2017
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
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In New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia Eden’s gripping new LOST novel, who’s the cat and who’s the mouse…?


LOST Agent Ana Young was only fourteen when she was abducted by a madman, but unlike many kidnapping victims, she did go home. Now, her mission is to find the missing. But her new case has her on the hunt for the escaped convict who’s obsessed with her. And Ana has an unlikely partner—the sexy, supposedly-by-the-book FBI agent she had one amazing night with and had to forget.


FBI Special Agent Cash Knox knows that Ana, the petite, tough-ass former bounty hunter, can get the job done again. But this time, someone else leads them to “Bernie-the-Butcher,” someone who’s been watching Ana. Waiting for her.


Now, catching a deranged murderer means Ana must trust her guarded heart to the gorgeous, complicated G-man she wasn’t supposed to fall for.

Ana has joined L.O.S.T. along with her twin brother Asher. They have a certain background that allows them a bit of an edge when hunting killers. While they’re both tired of hunting killers, saving the victims is what they want. But that means hunting down the bad guys.

Cash Knox is an FBI agent who worked with Ana once on a case back when she was a bounty hunter. The killer she put away? He escaped. And Cash wants Ana. In more ways than one.

When Cash shows up at LOST looking for Ana, she is instantly taken back to their one hot night together. But it could only ever be one night. She’s too messed up from her past. But little does she know that his past isn’t all roses and unicorns either. And something big is lurking.

This hunt for a murderer gets interesting quick since they find him dead. Ana immediately gets a call letting her know that more deaths are coming. But why tell her? Why give her a heads up? What game is this guy playing?

I really wish Ms. Eden would write more books with Avon. I think they’re some of her best. And this ending while not a cliffhanger, definitely left some room for more books. Fingers crossed she comes back to the L.O.S.T. series later!

***Review copy provided through Edelweiss via Avon Books