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The elusive characters we usually only find in the pages of comic books and novels have come to the Big Screen; whether that be in the Movie Theatre or your family room television, is up to you. What I believe used to be part of the nerd crowd, aka: Big Bang Theory types; comic books and their following have steadily grown leaps and bounds in the last decade (pun intended). No longer a staple of life only for teenage boys and 25-40 year old virgins still living in their mother’s basement; Women have gotten into the mix! Why? you ask. I believe it is solely due to the overwhelming application of SEX APPEAL. Have you seen THOR? If not, here is a visual aid:


and I really think he’s come a long way from comic book hero to Movie screen hunk.




And if one movie wasn’t enough, we soon will have THOR 2 and more gratuitous visuals of his bulging muscles and striking good looks… oh and the action packed movie scenes and those other actor too. Here’s the link to the trailer:

And now the man who embodies the phrase: “Dark and Dangerous”… I give you Dracula!


Count Dracula’s image has been (you guessed it), re-Vamped as well.


The new NBC series has kicked off and Jonathan Rhys Meyers delivers a more palatable Dracula. Still refined, elegant and intelligent beyond all our normal human years; but he’s bringing sexy back (to quote JT).

Vampires in general have become the hot new thing; delivering that young, sexy, dangerous and enticing air in recent years. No longer lurking in the shadows, they are among us…

on TV…



and in the Paranormal Romance books we read.

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Both Thor and Dracula have there fine points, but who would you pick if you had to choose?

Comment below and tell us your favorite and why?

Are you Team THOR or Team DRACULA?