The Tower by Jean Johnson

If you are the adventuring type and like a lot of action, with riddles to solve and gauntlets to run, and throw in some steamy sex scenes and a whole lot of magic, then this is the story for you. 
Let me just say that Jean Johnson is one the first authors to get me addicted to reading. She is best known for her Sons of Destiny series.  Including – The Sword, TheWolf, The Master, The Song, The Cat, The Storm, The Flame, and The Mage.  (see links below)
I had the opportunity to talk with her and had to ask “Are you ever going to do any more books involving the Sons of Destiny characters?”  She informed me that “She’s coming out with a new series in May. The Guardians of Destiny would indeed bring back some of the beloved characters and lands originating from the Sons of Destiny series.”  I was so excited to hear this and was extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of The Tower the first in the Guardians of Destiny series.
Jean has a very unique style of writing that draws you into an amazing alternate universe where magic is used in everyday life like we use technology today.  Magic mirrors, gates that transport you to the other side of the world, move over Harry Potter, only this one’s for the adults.  I highly recommend that you read the Sons of Destiny series prior to reading her new series.  Having read both I found it beneficial to be familiar with the terminology/language, as well as understanding the layout of the land and characters.    
Adventurers travel from all across the world to try their skills against the numerous traps, mazes, and riddles that challenged warriors and mages alike to survive the gauntlet of The Tower.  With a plethora of prizes for successfully surviving these traps as well as the opportunity to become famous, there was always entertainment to be had.  Not unlike our own Olympic Games or America’s Got Talent or even Fear Factor people around the world paid money to watch the successes and failures of each attempt to survive. Where there is money though, there is always bound to be greed.
Kerric Vo Mos is the Master of the Tower and as such rarely gets the opportunity for a little vacation.  On the one day he leaves to enjoy some much needed time off, the Tower falls under attack.  With the Master away the Tower goes into defense mode making what are usually simple games or challenges turn into lethal, death defying traps.  Kerric knows a short cut to get to the Fountain room where he can reclaim the Tower, but he needs a partner.  Kerric knows that he’s not the usual warrior type that runs the gauntlet. He’s short, not overly muscular and bookish.  He is however, a powerful mage and is familiar with every possible trap that lies before him; including one that will require him to be intimate with whatever partner he chooses.  He’s also running out of time.
Narahan Myal is one of the few female Painted Warriors from Mehdhi and has participated in several challenges in the Tower.  Although she doesn’t have magic, the tattoos that mark her as a Painted Warrior give her abilities similar to those of a mage.  Being from Mendhi where people are known to be quite tall, Myal is no exception, and her height makes her stand out in the village of Penambrion that surrounds the Tower. She has always been fascinated with the Master of the Tower but has mostly only ever seen him though the mirror scrying that is used to communicate with others – their version of a teleconference or Skyping.  So imagine her surprise when she finds him outside of her tenement (apartment), asking for her help.
Let Jean guide you on this amazing journey through trials requiring physical as well as mental strength to survive. Fall in love with the two mismatched heroes as they meet the challenges ahead and discover what they each have truly been seeking – love and companionship – while they strive to save The Tower.
I look forward to reading The Grove, the next in the Guardians of the Tower series, scheduled to release in December.
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