The Highlander's Reward (Stolen Bride, #1)The Highlander’s Reward by Eliza Knight

My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

I enjoyed it. It was a sweet romance (which was the best part of this story-a very romance-centered story) and it was plenty steamy for even this Highland Hussy.

This story starts out with English Lady Arabella on her way to Stirling in Scotland to be married to an English baron named Sir Stewart. But on the way some Scottish rebels attack her people. One of the barbarians sees her fighting for her life and plucks her from her horse to sit with him. Little does Arabella know that he is not a rebel. He has saved her from the rebels.

Laird Magnus Sutherland has just delivered his sister to her soon-to-be husband when he comes upon a lady being attacked by some of the rebels. But the men who are going after Arabella’s party aren’t going to discriminate that she’s not a warrior. She is English and that’s enough for them to hate her. Magnus swoops in and saves her, but he then sets things into motion he never would have thought of before.

Even one of his own men attacks Arabella because she’s English. Magnus’ solution is to marry her, that way she’ll have his protection and his men will be honor-bound to protect her as well. It doesn’t hurt that this way he won’t have to marry the neighboring clan chief’s bratty daughter (this will, by the way, come back later to bite him in the bum).

I think this was a very romance-centered book. This is good because you don’t see too much of that any more. I truly enjoyed Arabella learning that not all Scottish men are brutal barbarians, and I liked watching Magnus fall in love with his English wife. His fall was the best because at the beginning he couldn’t understand how any man could allow a woman to mean so much to him. Ya gotta love when those kinds of heroes fall in love.

I had a small temper tantrum with this book at one point where Arabella did something so dumb I wanted to throw my nook across the room. I settled for turning it off and grabbing a glass of wine 😉
After she realized how stupid it was of her, I went back to liking the book again. Oh, and the ending was cute. I really liked Arabella’s father, even though he didn’t get much page time, he was a good character.

I hope to read more by this author, and I really think anyone who wants a romantic medieval story will love this one.

***Review copy courtesy of the author

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