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Fabulous writer of the Maker’s Song Series
So what do we have in store for you today? Well…I gave Adrian an amazing inpiration photo for her story and this is what she’s come up with:
Swinging Nomad Dicks – A Ladies Night Production

“Stop looking at the camera, Erik,” Gillian said for what had to be at least the one hundredth time as she studied the heart-pounding image in the view screen. “I need you to focus on Griffin. And the fact that he’s”—she tried, unsuccessfully, to ignore the flutters deep in her belly— “licking your face. And pressing all those hard and heated muscles against your naked body.” She licked her lips. “Urgently.”

“Yeah, about that,” Erik replied, clasping his clan brother’s roving hand and sliding it up his oiled and gleaming flesh to glide across the stiffened peak of his nipple, “I thought this was supposed to be a threesome.”

Gillian grinned. “Where did you get that idea?”

Erik’s eyes narrowed. “From you. You said—”

Griffin lips closed over Erik’s in a deep and thorough kiss, effectively ending the conversation—for the moment. Gillian hoped that lust and the need to sate it would keep it that way.

She zoomed the lens in for a close up of the lip and tongue action, the flutters in her belly intensifying, a pool of liquid heat. Her breathing quickened. Sure, she’d told a little white lie in order—You guys ever play together? You know, games under the sheets? How about I film you both to get things started? A little memento?—so she could film the tattooed and pagan nomads conquering each other’s rippling muscled bodies in sexy and rough ways for what would become her newest—and hottest—porn film for women.

And though she filmed and directed all the action in her films, she never participated in them. It was about fantasies for females. Right now, Erik and Griffin were inspiring all manner of hot-blooded fantasies.

“C’mon,” Erik panted when the kiss finally ended. Fire smoldered in his eyes. “You promised a threesome and I’m gonna hold you to that.”

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