Mmmmm… Spontanous Fiction Friday!
Our Guest author today is Felicity Heaton , She’s given us some steamy reads such as …
Vampire for ChristmasA Promise of PassionSons of Lyra: Stranded
So I gave her this picture as inspiration to start our story.
The object of this post is to add to the story below. Felicity will start us off and YOU the reader can help us along.
Get as creative as you wish.
The BEST entry will get a signed copy of  Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua
Awakened by a Kiss
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And here’s the story…
Straightening his tie, he took the steps back up to the top floor two at a time. The building was in darkness, only the occasional forgotten desk lamp lighting his path through the quiet open plan rooms. His office door was closed ahead of him and the sight of it caused a note of hesitation in his confident step.

Even if it was after hours and he had sent the cleaning staff home early and told the security team not to patrol the top floor, this was still the craziest thing he had ever done and he wasn’t sure he had the balls to go through with it.

Surrendering control.

That’s what she had called it.

It sounded enticing enough, and just the thought of it had made him hard against his tailored trousers when those two words had left her lips last week, but he’d had seven days to think about it. And he had thought about it a lot.

Surrendering control was not something he was good at. Everything in his world ran precisely as he wanted it, the smallest thing dealt with to perfection, and it had been like that since his rise to power almost two hundred years ago. Only fifty years after he had encountered the vampire that had brought him into a new dark world, he had seized control of his bloodline and in turn this business. He had ruled as any new leader would, with bloodshed and an iron fist, gaining a reputation that he couldn’t easily cast aside.

Now she was asking him to do just that.

He paused outside the wooden door, fingers closing around the brass handle, and drew a deep breath.

Tonight, he would no longer be the master vampire in control at all times. He would step down into a position he had never dreamed of occupying ever again. He would swap roles with a woman who tempted him more than he could bear, a woman who sat at the desk at his back and aided him in running his business and his world.

This moonlit night, she would be the master.

And he would be her servant.

He turned the handle and let the door swing open to reveal her…

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