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This Alaska Force novel has reaffirmed my love of this series. Bethan is an amazing soldier. She’s one of the very few women who have been through Army Ranger school. Jonas doesn’t have a problem with women in combat. But he does have a problem with Bethan being on the Alaska Force team. He won’t tell anyone what it is, least of all Bethan. He’d rather they all think he’s a sexist pig, than tell his teammates what his actual problem is.

When a mission goes…well not wrong, but not right, the team focuses on figuring out why the op was “too easy.” Their main suspects? Luckily will all be at the wedding of the year in California…Bethan’s sister’s wedding. So she and Jonas go undercover as themselves…but not. Jonas is funny, charming, and the perfect boyfriend. Nothing like he is at home. Bethan had known he was good undercover, but this was beyond what she’d expected. She has to force herself to remember that Jonas isn’t actually her boyfriend.

Bethan’s father is a general and the main suspects are all his cronies. So while this wedding was the perfect excuse to investigate without seeming like they are, it’s also the perfect place to plan an attack. There are a lot of higher-ups in one place. Jonas and Bethan are certain one of them is the villain, but are worried about what could happen if they can’t find him. Except that they are able to clear all of their suspects leaving Jonas and Bethan back at square one. Until something pops up changing the entire course of their investigation.

Heading back to Alaska to regroup, Bethan and Jonas finally get to the bottom of both their attraction, and his seeming anger at her. Bethan and Jonas had met before Alaska Force. In fact Bethan had saved Jonas’ life. (small spoiler) His true problem with her is that he’d been vulnerable with her once. He is truly the stoic and silent type, but she makes him feel. And he doesn’t know how to handle that. He knows war, he knows training. He knows absolutely nothing about love.

I’ve really enjoyed this series and one of the things I love the most is how each character is very different from the others she writes. Each book has different challenges, each character has different life experiences, and yet this author never sacrifices plot. She creates character driven romance while still keeping the book interesting and suspenseful.

If you want an exciting romantic suspense with unique characters and well-written plots, this series is for you. I’ve enjoyed every book so far, and I look forward to her next one.

***Review copy courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley