Hello my peeps! As you’ve read in earlier posts, I’m off to Las Vegas Wednesday thru Sunday.
 So I’ve been working A LOT and been super busy.
So the BAD news is that I haven’t written this week’s chapter 4 of
The good news is that while in Vegas I’m interviewing
four authors! YEAH…
I’m meeting husband and wife writing team,
Andrew and Patti Miller; aka A.P. Miller
(what is with the initials already??)
All of these authors write delish BDSM, erotica, etc…
and I know we will have a GOOD time.
What ever happens in Vegas… well you know!
So hold tight (do your caggles) and I will have exciting new interviews to share.
Now I won’t be out of touch, have laptop and will travel!
So Theo Thursday & Sinful Sunday will go on without a hitch.
Upcoming news!
I will try to get the review of Forbidden Highlander posted ASAP and Donna Grant is giving away a signed copy of the #1 book in the series, Dangerous Highlander.
“sigh” Love this series!!!
So if you haven’t read it, then get in on this contest and enter (when I post it).
I also have the interview & contest with Jenna Maclaine coming soon…
But now I’m feeling a little naughty and think I want to have a giveaway in honor of my SIN CITY vacation.
How about some naughty books!
I will send the winner 3 random Erotica, BDSM or just plain sexy books to enjoy!
All you have to do is answer this question truthfully in the Comments below & include your email:
Where is the naughtiest place you’ve EVER had sex? (details people!)
Contest ends on Sunday, May 16th-Midnight (Pacific time)
This is international, you just have to cover the shipping charges.