The Demon will see you now!

I like to share interesting articles I read… especially those talking about sex.
I found this great article in my Women’s Health Magazine..

by Elise Nersesian

Did you know the average romp lasts three to seven minutes, yet both MEN & WOMEN desire 13 Minutes!
Want to know HOW to make the moment last longer? I did! So here’s what DL learned…

Before Sex:
Prime the engines… start getting ready in the morning. Send him a sexy text: Ah yes, favorite. But don’t be too crude, never want the text to land into enemy hands.
Try ” I can’t wait to get you out of those work clothes!” Yeah, I think that would do it.
This simple act of writing down what you want to do stimulates the mind and ensures you’ll be in his all day long.
Preparation is another important step; get in the mood… Unless you have an “on” switch like a vacuum, this is very important. Turn off your amygdala (that portion of your brain that controls your anxiety & fear) and turn on your body. A hot bath can help with this and of course you want to be all shiny and fresh anyways.

The hot water and steam will calm you and awaken your nerve endings, making you more sensitive to touch. DId you know cucumber scented soap is a turn-on? (I thought it was just my golden cucumber award that was a turn-on,LOL)
and last…hook up the tunes.

It’s time to dust off that Barry White CD and set a relaxing, familiar environment.
But wait! we’re not ready to just “get it on” yet.

Wanna know what to do DURING & AFTER? Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story and DEMON’s point of view.