Sinful Secrets by Cynthia EdenSinful Secrets by cynthia eden
Series: Mine #4.5
on July 31, 2014
Format: eBook
Source: Personal copy, Purchased
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SINFUL SECRETS by Cynthia Eden
One year ago, Catherine Donnelly spent a wild night in a stranger's arms. Sexy and mysterious, Jason August broke through all of Cat's defenses. But when dawn came, she ran from his bed, and she never looked back. Until now...

Catherine vanished from Jason's life before, and he isn't about to let her escape again. Cat will discover that the only man who can truly keep her safe in a world gone mad...well, that would be the man she married a year ago, on one hot Vegas night...

This novella opens up with Kat tip toeing out of a dark room, leaving her sexy new husband in the bed. But she’d just found out her sexy new husband was planning on a huge betrayal.

Or was he…

Jason actually had been planning on ruining her…or her father’s empire more precisely. But then he met Kat. And fell hard. Then she bailed. He never got to explain.

But a year after she left him, a sex tape surfaces, and Kat is pissed that he’s blackmailing her over it. But he isn’t the one doing the blackmailing.

So who is? Jason doesn’t know, but her father has made a lot of enemies. He wants to protect her, and he isn’t letting Kat go. Not now that he’s got his hands on her again.

With blackmail leading to murder, Kat and Jason are running out of time. But can she ever trust him again?

This is a novella in Cynthia Eden’s Mine series, and it fits in well, but without confusion. It’s in the Sinful Seconds anthology, and I am definitely glad I grabbed it! I think you can buy it separately if you want, but the anthology is worth the buy.