3 Flames = STEAMY

Secret Yearnings takes us as readers into a forbidden realm of bsdm and naughty secrets. AP Miller presents us with the fantasy of what happens when a school teacher submits to his gnawing desires to be dominated.  Holding out as long as may be permitted, his  body vibrates with need and craves what he can only receive in that dark and secret place with no markings. Always careful and cautious not to let on about these desires, he seeks the safety the club provides and the pain; What he didn’t expect was to see her there…
I enjoyed this short Novella. This steamy hot read will wet your appetite and keep you wanting. Ever fantasize about someone from your past? In this story, fantasies become real, raw and unforgettable.
I do believe it is well worth the $1.99 price!

May contain non-consent scenarios, incest, extreme BDSM or other material that may be considered objectionable.