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Saving Sienna by Katie ReusSaving Sienna by Katie Reus
Published by KR Press on April 20, 2021
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
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He likes law and order…

Detective Carson Irish follows the rules. But somehow he’s fallen for a sexy PI who likes to break all of them. When she gets in over her head, he’ll do anything and everything to keep her safe. But she refuses to stay on the sidelines, safe and protected. And when her life is threatened, he won’t hesitate to stand between her and the man who wants her dead.

She’s never met a rule she didn’t want to break…

Private Investigator Sienna MacArthur may have questionable methods in her work, but she gets the job done. While working a case, she unwittingly finds herself the target of an unknown threat. So she reaches out to the sexy man she’s been keeping her distance from—Carson Irish. They might be polar opposites, but she trusts him to keep her safe, and when people around her start dying, she has no choice but to put her life in his hands.


I have really enjoyed this series, and I hope this book isn’t the last we see of this world.

Sienna MacArthur is a PI and Carson Irish is a cop. Sienna plays fast and loose, Carson is by the book. But when they get together, none of that matters.

Other than a couple of exciting nights a few months back, she does her best to coolly acknowledge him and that is all. After all, his sister is married to her brother and if they dated and things went south for Carson and Sienna, family events would be awkward. Or at least that’s Sienna’s line of thought. Sienna has a hang up about long-term relationships. Previous men have found her job exciting at first until they realize she’s in danger, then suddenly they no longer want her doing it. Unfortunately she sort of assumes Carson will be the same.

But as he is doing something unrelated, he sees Sienna dive off of a yacht and swim for shore. He hauls her up and gets her to her car. They wind up at his apartment, and he seems frustrated that she’s put herself in danger. He feels she’s taking unnecessary risks, and she feels he disapproves. But they have to put that all aside when someone breaks into Sienna’s house. Is it related the the case she was working on when he found her swimming for shore? He can’t work her case, but he can put himself on guard duty. The two of them work well together and he is patient. She is going stir crazy being cooped up, and they both know exactly how to burn off that restless energy.

I love this series, and I enjoyed Carson and Sienna together. They were smart, sexy, and they worked well together. I love how patient he is, letting her come to him, but I also love that he knows when to take charge. Katie Reus writes exciting and sexy books, and this one worked for me. I can’t wait to see what she’s doing next!

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