Review: The Marquess of Cake by Heather HiestandThe Marquess of Cake Series: Redcakes
Published by Kensington on July 4, 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance, Steampunk, Victorian Romance
Pages: 234
Format: eBook

Coffee…tea…or a pastry chef sweeter than any confection…

Scotch trifle fit for Queen Victoria, scones with clotted cream…Alys Redcake knows the way to a man’s heart. Yet she is unaware that with each morsel—and flash of ankle—she is seducing the handsome marquess frequenting her father’s tea shop. Unmarried at twenty-six, Alys’s first love is the family business. But thoughts of the gentleman’s touch are driving her to distraction…

With his weakness for sugar, the Marquess of Hatbrook can imagine no more desirable woman than one scented with cake and spice. Mistaking Alys for a mere waitress, he has no doubt she would make a most delicious mistress. And when he finds himself in need of an heir, he plans to make her his convenient bride. Yet as they satisfy their craving for one another, business and pleasure suddenly collide. Will Hatbrook’s passion for sweets—and for Alys—be his heart’s undoing?

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This book looked cute when I saw it floating about twitter, so when I had the chance to review it, I was super excited! I love the premise of this book (btw it’s an Historical, don’t let the cover fool you!), and I think it’s the first book I’ve ever read where the hero’s sweet tooth is what drives the plot!

Hatbrook loves his sweets, and if he doesn’t eat often enough he tends to get the shakes, vision dims, mind is fuzzy, he’s probably hypoglycemic. So he constantly visits his favorite little dessert shop Redcake’s. This lovely cakie named Alys serves him, and boy is she feisty. He has no idea she’s actually Miss Redcake, the owner’s daughter, and gifted with a hefty dowry.

The only problem is that while Alys may be well-dowered, she is no lady. She’s been a hard worker her whole life, her parents made her join Redcake factory as soon as she was able. But Alys worked hard to be where she’s at, and she really likes decorating cakes. Her parents, however, are able to give their daughters the lives they’ve always dreamed of now. The only obstacle is getting Alys out of the kitchen and out on the marriage market, where her father feels she belongs.

Alys and Hatbrook have a sweet romance with some lovely scenes. One of my favorite things is how Hatbrook always notices how Alys smells. It’s either of sugar, cake or orangewater. But he always notices. It’s adorable. Besides, what better scent for a man with a sweet tooth, than to have his woman smell of cake?

I did find the romance to be slow. But there were a few obstacles that the two needed to overcome. Learning to live with each other, learning to trust each other, and maybe learning to eat a bit less cake. . .The last third of the book was really exciting, though and leads to some sequel bait, but I’m okay with that. In fact I look forward to the next story about Hatbrook’s brother.

An original story with likeable characters, if you’re looking for something different in the Historical genre, then the Marquess of Cake is for you.

***ARC courtesy of the author and Kensington Books