Dark Warrior Unleashed (The Talions, Book 1) Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to get the next one.

The story revolves around a group of “special” beings known as the Kyth. They are an ancient Nordic race able to manipulate human energy.

Ranulf Thorsen is an special type of Kyth, living for thousands of years as his kinsmen’s eye-for-an-eye justice. He is a Tailon, the warriors of the Kyth. Ranulf is summonded to asist in the tracking and erasing of a rogue Kyth, one’s whos activities is causing an increasing problem. The actions of this rogue is drawing unwanted attention to their race. This Kyth needs to be dealt with.
While Ranulf is responding to another fire he suspects to be set by the rogue, along the way he finds something,…no someone unexpected.
Her name is Kerry Logan and she is in the wrong place at the right time, when the nightclub she’s at starts to go up in flames.

Like most of Alexis’ books, her storyline is fast paced and exciting with a lot of steamy HOTTNESS included. I suggest that you give this series a try.
Also, you most definately want to check out her Paladin series…

All good reads.