Dark Swan, Storm Born Issue #3, Graphic Novel by Richelle Mead

5 of 5 flames

Issue 3 of Dark Swan, Storm Born finds Eugenie making preparations to travel over into Otherworld to rescue a young human girl kidnapped by Aeson, one of several evil King’s that rule the Gentry (fae folk).
Otherworld is a dangerous place and Eugenie wisely decides to bring along some backup in the form of her minions; Volusian, Nandi and Finn. Again there is eye catching artwork and sarcastic humor, especially when Eugenie interacts with Volusian an enslaved damned soul who wants her dead but is forced to do her bidding. When the motley crew crosses over into Otherworld you instantly know it. Eugenie’s minions all take their true form and the scenery changes into a similar but decidedly different landscape. Adventure ensues, blood splatters the pages and King Dorian makes an appearance. Apparently the gentry are ruled by many a horny King but you won’t find me complaining if they’re all as fetching as this Dorian.
Everything starts coming together in this volume as King Dorian fills in a few of the blanks that had me scratching my head in the previous issues. I have to say this one is my favorite of the three I’ve read. It’s violent, sexy and ends on another cliff hanger that has me anxiously awaiting the next volume in the series.
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