Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan, Storm Born Issue 2
4 1/2 flames out of 5
After a lovely time spent in the arms of her new lover Kiyo, Eugenie awakens to discover an icy beast has invaded their space. Before she has time to react, Kiyo is up and kicking its butt like a pro while still deliciously naked, I might add. She finishes the elemental off but not before it says her real name and makes disturbing comments about spreading her soft legs. I’m still not sure what is up with that but theses sexual innuendos from beasties are getting mighty uncomfortable and I’m starting to fear for Eugenie.
This volume again hooked me from page one and features the same beautifully expressive artwork and bright colors that really grab the eye. It’s sexy, suspenseful and sarcastically humorous. It doesn’t answer any of my nagging questions. Who is this Kiyo? He is definitely much more than an extraordinary looking veterinarian. Why are creatures suddenly calling Eugenie by her real name and threatening to get all sexy with her? What is lurking in the Otherworld? Why is a creepy fox in suburbia? Why aren’t her sex induced scratches from Kiyo healing? I don’t know any of the answers but I’m anxious to see where all of this leads.
This is a fabulous graphic novel so far and I’m looking forward to devouring the entire thing.
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