Kate Andrews’ discovers the diary of her nineteen year old missing sister. When the police offer little help she decides to try to find the girl on her own. The diary leads her to incredibly sexy identical twin brothers, Aiden and Remann, Remann being her prime suspect in her sister’s disappearance. As she investigates, Kate finds herself falling helplessly under.
Aiden’s seductive spell even as Remann hopes to weave a spell of his own.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any new vampire books. I loved some of the vampire powers in this series. Starke’s vampires have a sort of drugged, “rufie” affect on their victims when their powers are affecting them, which Kate gets to experience first hand multiple times. She goes undercover to find her sister, gets vampire whammied, and finds herself in a glamorous prison turned safe haven.

How can she possibly fall into bed with a guy that keeps losing control of his vampire powers and knocks her out. Thankfully, sheer blind denial and some trial and error on his part.
For a story that starts off in a rush to find the missing sister, there was quite a lot of sitting around doing nothing while you’re getting to know one another. Not much action going on. Lots of wandering the big mansion and getting caught, sitting down for breakfast, dinner, or whatever, then all of a sudden: We’re vampires. You believe us, you know you do.

A lot of nothing, then in the last five or six pages, the vamp reveal, kill the bad guy, save the day, live happily ever after. It was weird; especially after a whole lot of my sister’s crazy we were getting from Kate throughout most of the rest of the book.

But truthfully, even with all of that, I did really enjoy this book and I’m looking forward to reading the next one (Here’s hoping it’s about Remann). It was a quick read, I had a few questions that didn’t get answered, but I think they are things I might have known already if I’d read #1 and they were small things. Kate’s sudden turn around was the only thing that really bothered me.

This is book two in Olivia Starke’s Order of Terminus series, but it can be read as a stand alone as well (I say that not having read the first one).

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