Firewalker (Stormwalker, #2)Firewalker by Allyson James

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Wow, what a ride.
Dragons, and Coyote, and shifters and witches OH MY!

We enter this story with Mick trapped somewhere, and Janet has no one but Nash Jones, dickhead sheriff to help her out. And she only got his help through blackmail!

Once they’ve rescued Mick, he tells Janet that the dragon council will try him for disobeying an order in not killing her when he was first sent. He claimed her as his mate to protect her as much as he could, but he still will be tried and found guilty…in dragon world, a trial is just dishing out the sentence, and it’s a huge deal he was even allowed a trial.

So Janet is dealing with this hanging over her head, but at the same time, a murder is committed, her magic mirror went nuts on a customer, and another dragon enters the mix.

Oh, and Janet’s Beneath magic is rearing it’s ugly head.

Several times, Mick looks at Janet as if he knows he’ll have to kill her for using that magic, and even Coyote tells her several times that he’ll kill her if she uses it.

I love how strong Janet is, but I also love that she’s still a woman, she has fears, and insecurities, and she just wants to live with the man (er, dragon) she loves. But after this murder that she is a person of interest in, she starts seeing some weird things. Her Beneath magic keeps coming up and letting loose, without her consent, and a reanimated dead guy follows Janet around killing anyone he perceives as a threat to her.

What’s a girl to do? Why go to Vegas of course! I loved the Vegas scenes, even with “Undead Jim” chasing after Janet, and all the mayhem that ensued.

Towards the end, Janet is given the option to have her Beneath magic stripped from her, and as she’s about to shout “Yes, please!” she realizes that her Stormwalker magic, and her Beneath magic are both a part of her and she can use them in harmony, rather than allowing the Beneath magic to take her over.

Don’t forget Mick’s trial, though. And Janet finally gets to put in her two cents. And what a speech she makes! We finally see that the dragons are afraid of her, and she can actually save them. Dragons aren’t used to not being the most powerful beings out there. Mick has a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

The ending is good for Janet and Mick, but there’s one small, itty bitty twist thrown in at the end. And it’s not so itty bitty. Remember in Stormwalker, when Janet’s goddess bitch of a mother said Janet was the only child who survived? she may have lied a bit. And Janet’s newly introduced sister doesn’t play for the good guys. uh oh. I can’t wait for Shadowwalker. Can’t. Wait.

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