Feels Like Forever by Katie Michaels
Series: A Lot Like Love #1
on November 21, 2016
Genres: Contemporary RS, New Adult
Pages: 197
Format: eBook
Source: Courtesy review copy
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Your best friends are what life is all about. They make you stronger. Happier. Ready to face the world.

Just ask 18 year-old Evelyn Sanders. With her friends at her back, she’s poised for all of her dreams to come true. She’s not looking for a guy to make her complete. Especially not a football player sexy enough to start a fan club and a dimple that stops girls in their tracks.

Luke Rogers just wants to have a good time. His loyalties lie with his brothers on the team. But he can’t resist the girl that sees beyond his practiced smile and victories on the field.

The heat between them is like nothing they’ve ever felt. But devastating circumstances can break even the strongest bond. Will the heartache and manipulation that change their lives bring them closer together or tear them apart?

*This book contains sexual content*

I admit, I was a little nervous when I began reading this book.  This is the author’s debut novel, and debut novels can be a hit-or-miss experience.  I’m happy to report that I truly enjoyed Feels Like Forever.  Feels Like Forever is a thought-provoking story about a young woman who has a really tough year, but through it, she learns invaluable life lessons.

I am an avid reader, and I have noticed that sometimes getting into a new story can be challenging.  This was the case with Feels Like Forever.  I felt the beginning of the book was a little choppy here and there, it took some time for the story to flow for me.  But, the characters were interesting and I really wanted to see where the story was going, so I happily continued reading and the story got better and better.

Evelyn is an 18 year old high school student, struggling with that final year of high school, boys, and friend dramas.  This group off teenagers were very believable, they each had unique personalities, situations and it was easy to identify with the group of friends.  Feels Like Forever took me by surprise, there was much more depth to the story and the characters than I was expecting.  The situations Evelyn and her friends face are very real, difficult situations.  I was impressed with author Katie Michaels, she handled the difficult situations with real emotion.

Overall, Feels Like Forever is a great read.  I will definitely read more by Katie Michaels in the future and I recommend this read for New Adult contemporary romance readers.

*4 Stars*