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Orange County Chapter- 32nd Annual Birthday Bash was a Blast!

Heather Bennett of Decadent Publishing was kind enough to invite Heather “Book Savvy” and I as guests to the event held this past Saturday, October 12th in Brea, CA.

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If was so nice to meet some of the great Decadent authors: Louisa Bacio, Lex Valentine, Skyler Kade, Lelah Baker-Rabe, Layla Chase, Sabrina Sol, Tammy Machicado… As well as countless others who were in attendance.

OCC RWA is a lovely chapter of dedicated and talented Romance Writers, Including Victoria Dahl; who was the morning speaker. She discussed women characters in fiction and the ability to have a negative female protagonist. She also referenced Judy Bloom and being able to relate to character in a novel and authors that go beyond what society expects. If was a wonderful Q & A.


Cover Model: Julian Christian

Probably the most ingenious Speaker was Heather Bennett from Decadent Publishing. She incorporated a hunky photo of Julian Christian, cover model, into her presentation of the Anatomy of Writing. The fine points consisted of the following:

Heart: Your writing- Exercising your skills

Legs: Research- You must be accurate in the story, Readers WILL notice

Ears: Listen to what people say about your writing (except family & parents, they will lie to you, lol)

Face: Your writing persona, Who do you want to be?

Sex: Lots!…wait no that not it. Sweet, exotic, x-rated; what is going to be your style? Don’t write a story around the sex, write sex into your story.

Brain: Marketing- Social Media, make it work for you. Connect with your readers and get new ones.

Stomach: Feed your creativity. You need to stay writing. Blog, tweet, post, journal…what ever it takes.

Feet: GET OUT THERE!, Meet your readers.

 Raffle time!

OCCRWA had a huge selection of baskets and prizes they raffled off at the end of the day.

Heather made out and won 2 of the baskets donated by authors and publishers…Can you see the look of glee on her face?

Books do that.

Heather is loving her KMM book

Heather and er book booty

Heather and her book booty

I didn’t walk away empty handed, I too won a basket!

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Kelly’s winnings

Thanks again to OCCRWA for the invite and Decadent Publishing for asking Got Fiction team to attend the event.


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