Never Cry Wolf by Cynthia EdenNever Cry Wolf by cynthia eden
Series: Night Watch #4
Published by Brava, Kensington on June 28, 2011
Genres: PNR
Pages: 310
Format: Paperback
Source: author
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Lucas Simone is not the kind of guy you mess with. He’s big, he’s strong, and his eyes hint at a wilder side most women can’t handle. Of course, that’s because his predatory instincts are no metaphor–he’s a genuine Grade-A top-quality werewolf, tough enough to fight his way to dominance over the scariest pack on the West Coast. There’s only one chink in his armor. Unlike most alpha dogs, Lucas has a reputation for protecting the weak and innocent.

Sarah King is counting on that protective impulse–it’s the only thing standing between her and certain death. There are only two problems: one, she’s not quite as innocent as she’d like Lucas to believe. And two, if he doesn’t stop stoking Sarah’s animal lust, it’s only a matter of time before her own wild side gets unleashed…

Never Cry WolfNever Cry Wolf by Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

Set in the Night Watch world, Never Cry Wolf delivers! And how.

We met Lucas Simone in Night Watch prequel  Immortal Danger , and as the alpha of the L.A. pack, he is more than just a handsome face. In fact, he’s in jail being accused of murder when we first see him. A sexy and beautiful woman comes in and springs him from lock-up claiming he’d been with her all night, and couldn’t have committed the murder. While that is a great bit of luck for Lucas, he’s never met the woman.

Sarah is on the run. She’s got a bounty on her head, and she’s hoping that between saving Lucas from jail and providing some inside intel on another pack, Lucas will take her in and protect her. Lucas has a weak spot for protecting the weak. Sarah knows this and plans on milking it as long as she can. She’s under no illusions that it will be easy, in fact she’s scared out of her mind while she’s bargaining for Lucas’ protection.

Lucas doesn’t buy what Sarah’s selling, not for a second, but there’s just something about her, and he can’t seem to tell her no. He wants her, no doubt, but there’s something more. For those of you who don’t like fated mate plots, don’t worry! That’s not the case here:

”Shifters know their mates.” Not some predestined our-souls-are-meant-as-one bullshit. He didn’t buy that crap.

Even Lucas doesn’t believe it. But still…there’s something more to Sarah. And he will find out what it is. What she does tell him, Sarah tells in bits and pieces. She’s a Charmer. A Charmer usually has an animal that she can talk to-Sarah can communicate with wolves. Something that she doesn’t tell Lucas, is that she can do much more than just talk with them. (won’t spoil it!) And that murder that landed Lucas in jail? That was Sarah’s friend, a Coyote Charmer…and it was a warning to Lucas.

So much more than just rival pack politics is going on in this book. We have power-mad coyote Shifters, Alpha wolves bent on revenge, there’s some magic and voodoo, the FBI is involved in ways no one ever guessed, and we have Sarah’s ex.

Rafe is the rival Alpha wolf who has his own pack, but he wants Lucas’. Well, mostly he just wants to take Lucas down. Sarah was his girl for a short time, and once she realized that he didn’t just accept her for her “charms,” but he wanted to use her gift, Sarah tried to leave him. But Rafe wouldn’t let her go. He found out just how strong her Charms were…

This book is amazing. The alpha Lucas is one of my favorite heroes. He’s the perfect blend of harsh and aggressive Alpha male but doesn’t come off as a big fat jerk. He is protective, and possessive, and so sexy. I would LOVE just one night with that wolf! This book can stand-alone, you do not need to have read Cynthia Eden’s Night Watch series to read this one…but you’ll want to afterwards.

My favorite part of the whole book is right at the end, when Lucas is telling Sarah he can’t love. He’s never known love, and wouldn’t know how to love.

“Love.” He said the word as if her were tasting it. “You’re the first thing I think about when I open my eyes. The last damn thing at night. And when I dream…” He swallowed. “It’s of you. Sarah, is that close to love?”

In Cynthia’s own words, Be afraid of the big, bad wolf…
***Thank you to the author for the review copy

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