The Blackstone Affair
5 Flames-HOT STUFF!
“Tastefully Erotic”, That is how I would classify this delitefully entincing read in a nutshell.
Raine gives us a sexy, handsome and powerful main character in Ethan Blackstone. He oozes sex appeal and just enough mystery to keep you riveted; desperate to find the slightest clue of his tortured past that has made him what and how he is today.
The object of Ethan’s desire is Brynne Bennett; attractive, curvy, smart and driven, she seems to have it all together. Brynne also has her own past and is trying to make a fresh start with a new apartment, a new job and a scholarship in the graduate program at University of London. It’s clear she’s running from something or someone; what she didn’t know, was it was straight into Ethan Blackstone’s arms.
Raine Miller has that unique ability to grab you and keep to completely entralled. Once you begin this journey into the blackstone affair, get comfortable…you’ll read it in one sitting.
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