Shadow Touch (Shadow Series, #2.5)Shadow Touch by Erin Kellison

My rating: 3 of 5 flames

This novella is 2.5 from Erin Kellison’s Shadow series. The next full-length novel is Shadow Man due out in September.

Shadow Touch was different-I haven’t read much like it before. I really liked the idea of a girl born separate from her shadow, but still connected. It was a new concept to me.

Ellie and her shadow self are tethered to each other. Ellie has lived a hidden, lonely existence her whole life because she has a shadow…a living sentient shadow. One that acts purely on sensation and whim. This novella opens with Ellie seeking help and wanting to get rid of her shadow. What even Ellie doesn’t know is that she can’t live without her shadow self.

I like the psychological toll it took on Ellie to live as a rational girl, but having her shadow act out all of her whims and impulses. Her shadow self was a darker version of herself. For example-when Cam kissed her, she needed her shadow to step into herself to make the kiss go from pleasant to WOW factor. It was like she could feel the passion wanting and needing to be there, but she couldn’t feel the actual passion itself without her darker self, her shadow self.

I didn’t like how long it took to figure out all of that-it’s a 60 page novella for crying out loud! Things should have unfurled more quickly.

But the more I’ve thought about this novella, the more I want to read the whole series. I think that this one is a bit of a taste of the whole series.

This story, and Laurie’s London’s Hidden by Blood, is part of Laurie London and Erin Kellison’s stop in their Dark Tour at on June 15th.

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