Mating Bite by Cynthia EdenMating Bite by cynthia eden
Series: Bite #2
Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on August 25, 2017
Genres: PNR
Pages: 173
Format: eBook
Source: Advance Reader Copy
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Werewolf Carter Sinclair is on the hunt. He’s tracking a newly turned vamp, a beauty with bite named Lauren McIntosh. Hunting her is the easy part. After all, no one can hide from a wolf. But once Carter gets the vamp in his arms, his easy mission suddenly goes straight to hell.

One taste, one bite that should never have happened…and Carter is hooked—mind, body, soul. Nature has plans for him and Lauren. They’re to be mates, but there is a vicious vamp waiting in the dark—a killer who has already claimed Lauren as his.

Now Carter has a new mission—keep Lauren safe at all costs. Make her fall for him. And hide all of the very dark and dangerous secrets that fill his closet. He needs Lauren to trust him, he needs her to stay with him, and the last thing he wants is for Lauren to know just how deeply he’s already betrayed her. What she never knows can’t hurt her, right?

Their mating is forbidden, but Carter is about to break every werewolf and vamp rule out there in order to claim Lauren. And those fools who try to get in his way will find out just how deadly his beast can truly be…because there is no one in the world more important to a wolf…than his mate.

Author's Note: If you love hot alpha wolves and sexy vamps with bite, this book is for you. Lust comes first and fast in the "Bite" books, but love soons follows. MATING BITE contains 52,000 words.

I love a good Paranormal Romance, and I know when I pick up a Cynthia Eden book, that she delivers.

This is the second book in her new Bite series, but it can absolutely be read as a standalone.

Lauren is a new vampire, and she’s on the run. She’s been turned by Antoine Abandonato, the bad guy from Forbidden Bite, and he wants her back.

Carter is a werewolf who has a dark secret. In the last book, he was saved by the heroine, his alpha’s new mate. The problem? Being saved by ingesting vampire blood means he’s now addicted.

When Antoine hires Carter to hunt down his mate Lauren, he offers Carter all the vamp blood he can handle. But, the conditions are simple, no biting Lauren, and bring Lauren back.

But Lauren doesn’t know Carter is a werewolf, and Carter doesn’t know Lauren is his mate.

When Carter realizes what she is to him, he knows he won’t be handing her over to Antoine, but he still hasn’t told Lauren what he is…or what she is to him.

Antoine wants his mate back, though, and he won’t let her go, even if it means killing Carter. Lauren and Carter get closer even while Carter is lying to her. But what happens when Lauren finds out Carter was hired to hunt her for the man she’s running from?

As usual Ms. Eden has sucked me in to her paranormal world. I loved reading this, and I can’t wait for the next in this series.


*Note: This series is only available on Amazon via Kindle. Ms. Eden has mentioned that if you buy it on amazon and email her the receipt, she’ll email you the epub version if that’s what you read.

“If you do not own a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle App for your PC, your SmartPhone or your IPad. MATING BITE is also available as a print title (link).

And…another option (going over all options!), if you only read ePub versions of my books (not the Mobi digital files that come from Amazon), then I am going to follow the example of a few other authors and offer you this…if you purchase MATING BITE from Amazon, just forward me your receipt. (You can forward the receipt to me at [email protected].) When I receive the receipt, I will then send you an ePub version of MATING BITE.”