If you are a regular to my blog/site, you know that I don’t always review Brand New books and like to bring attention to oldies and goodies.

This week I read a book by author Nora Roberts, the first in the Circle Trilogy, called Morrigan’s Cross. Have you heard of it?

This trilogy encompasses all the things I love in the PNR genre, Vampires, romance, time travel, Scotland, warriors and even a little witchcraft. What could bring so many things into this novel? Well, the six people that are going to try and save the world of course.

The Goddess Morrigan has sent them all on a quest; the warrior, the scholar, the shape shifter, the vampire, the witch and the sorcerer. It will take the combined efforts of these unlikely sorts to form a circle, an army to start the battle against evil and the ancient vampire that seeks to take over the world, all the worlds, and enslave or kill along the way.

Time can’t change the fact that this is a delightful trilogy and worth a peek. Please pick up these quick reads and enjoy, Nora Roberts does not disappoint.

The three books in the series are:
Morrigan’s Cross
Dance of the Gods
Valley of Silence

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A good read and gets 4 STARS from me