Bound In Darkness (A Vampire/Werewolf Romance)Bound In Darkness by Cynthia Eden

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

When I saw that Cynthia Eden had a new paranormal romance out, I scurried over to Barnes & Noble as fast as I could. This novella is a standalone vampire/werewolf PNR, but it is set in the same world as Bound By Blood, which I also loved. Both are only $.99 and both are fantastic, quick reads.

It opens with a werewolf, scarred both inside and out, taking payment from a witch. His job? To kill a vampire named Allison.

Allison is going through some things right now, and a witch has befriended her. This witch says all will be revealed by her “guide,” and literally tosses her to the wolves. Well, wolf. Allison follows the witch’s directions and finds herself in a seedy bar, facing a very scary man. But as soon as she realizes he’s her guide, her fear is replaced with trust.

Cade doesn’t know what to do with Allison’s blind faith in him. Added to that, she’s not a vampire. At least, not yet she’s not. To Cade, she’s just a lost little human. She’s a rare pureblood vampire (born, not made), and she hasn’t gone through her change yet. And she’s forcing him to find his long-forgotten humanity.

My favorite quote:

“Come after me again,” Cade warned, “you’re dead. So much as look at Allison wrong, you’re dead.” Oh. Allison swallowed. He was protecting her again. If he didn’t watch it, she’d definitely start to think he had a soft spot hidden beneath those claws and fur. “I’ll rip you open,” Cade continued, voice grim, “and cut your heart right out of your chest while you scream and beg for me to stop.”

Maybe not such a soft spot.

A great novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. Cynthia Eden is fast becoming my go-to author for paranormal romance.…

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