Meet Sadik Hadzovic
(Photo credit: Richard Gerst)

For him, I might have to learn a second language…
I’ve seen a lot of buzz about him and many of Sadik’s photos floating around on Facebook.
He is a model and natural body builder.? Sadik is Eastern European, At 23 years of age, this NYC native is taking ground as the new up-and-coming top model in the fitness and fashion industry. Sadik has earned himself a huge following as being the muse of many professional photographers statewide.

The youngest of four, Sadik and his family found refuge in the United States escaping the war torn Yugoslavia. Sadik’s inspiration, drive and work ethic is product of his no-nonsense upbringing. At 8 years of age, his father stepped out of the picture, igniting in Sadik anger, isolation, depression, and disappointment, all of which he channeled when he was introduced to the world of weight training.

(photo credit: Luis Rafael)

Weight training provided him with the strength, courage and discipline to combat the anger, bred from his past. For Sadik, strength training became a tool to transform negatives into positives, breeding the energy and confidence required to overcome the tough hand dealt. He found true contentment and the passion for life, very few are fortunate to find in his circumstances.

(photo credit: Jimmy Murtaugh)

In the winter of 2008, Sadik was introduced to New York photographer, Jimmy Murtaugh. After just a few test shoots with Jimmy, Sadik’s modeling career blossomed. To much respect, Sadik humbly said, “I always believed that God puts certain people in your life for a reason and Jimmy was no exception.”

(Photo credit: Richard Gerst)

Soon after, many fitness photographers took notice of Sadik’s look and wanted him in their portfolios. He was effortlessly successful in fitness modeling, yet Sadik was not content with being dubbed “just another fitness model”, so he dabbled with fashion modeling. He provided a unique look for fashion and to the surprise of many fashion photographers; Sadik does not deliver a “stiff” look like that of most muscular built fashion models.

Desiring to advance his portfolio and career, so far, Sadik has worked with some of New York’s finest photographers including: Joseph Bleu, Richard Gerst, David Arnot, Zeke Photography, Sean Toussaint, Jason Jaskot, Jimmy Murtaugh, Gideon Monaghan and Luis Rafael.

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