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Source: Kensington Books Preferred Reviewer

Hey Guys, Highland Hussy here, and I wanted to announce Kensington’s newest project, Lyrical High Notes. Now I’m not sure how closely you guys follow the publishing industry, but Lyrical Press is now a part of Kensington Books. Many of us wondered how picking up another e-first imprint would work, considering they already have eKensington. Here’s how! Lyrical Press has been re-branded and is now being launched as Lyrical High Notes. The cool thing about this, and why it’s relevant to you, is that Lyrical High Notes has partnered with Books A Million as well!

From the press release:

“Kensington Publishing Corp. has announced an exclusive partnership with retailer Books-
A-Million to launch Lyrical High Notes, a new program through which select titles from the publisher’s digital
imprint will be brought to print for the first time. These special editions will be made available for a limited
period exclusively at Books-A-Million as trade paperbacks with a consumer-friendly price point of $12.95″


Three USA Today Bestselling romances that were previously only available as ebooks will kick off the new line. NY Times bestselling Lyrical Press and Kensington author Rebecca Zanetti will have 2 books releasing through Lyrical High Notes, and so will M.Q. Barbe.

From Steven Zacharius, President and CEO of Kensington Publishing Corp:

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Books-A-Million to extend the readership of these fresh and edgy books. Each of the titles chosen for the Lyrical High Notes program was highly successful in its e-only format, and these special printed editions will give our digital-first authors the retail presence that they deserve.”

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This is all super exciting, and if you guys comment, I’ll enter you to get one of the new books! (I’m not sure which book, since they haven’t sent it to me yet! lol).