Lady Be Good by Meredith DuranLady Be Good by Meredith Duran
Series: Rules for the Reckless #3
Published by Pocket Star on July 28, 2015
Genres: Victorian Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Advance Reader Copy
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The third searing novel in the Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran, the USA Today bestselling author of sexy and evocative Regency romances in the tradition of Sarah MacLean.

Catching the Lady Red-Handed

Born to a family of infamous criminals, Lilah Marshall has left behind her past and made herself into the perfect lady. Working as a hostess at Eveleigh's, London’s premier auction house, she leads a life full of art, culture, and virtue. All her dreams are within reach—until a gorgeous and enigmatic viscount catches her in the act of one last, very reluctant theft.

Chasing One Red-Hot Passion

Christian “Kit” Stratton, Viscount Palmer, is society's most dashing war hero. But Kit’s easy smiles hide a dark secret: he is haunted by a madman’s vow to destroy anyone he loves. When his hunt for the enemy leads to Everleigh’s Auction Rooms, he compels Lilah to help him. But one tempting touch may be their undoing—for what Kit needs threatens all Lilah holds dear, and losing her may destroy Kit.

Lilah Marshall is one of the Everleigh Girls-the hostesses at Everleigh’s Auction House, and she’s come a long way from her Irish roots of being Lily Monroe in Whitechapel. Her uncle is Nick O’Shea the crime boss of the area. and a very dangerous man. He never liked that Lilah decided to “better herself” because he felt she didn’t need “bettering.” But he needs her to steal something for him. Nevermind that she’s left her life of crime behind her, he’s family, and you always do for family.

She’s caught by Christian Stratton, newly minted viscount, stealing some letters from Peter Everleigh, and the first thing he does is steal them from her, and use them to blackmail her. Caught between two very powerful men, her uncle and Christian, Lilah doesn’t know what to do. So she goes along with Christian, agreeing to anything to get those letters for Nick.

Christian is the second son, but he believes his brother’s death was far from accidental. A rogue Russian general blames Christian for the deaths of his wives and children. Therefore, he will take his revenge by sending Christian home alive, but targeting his loved ones.

But the Russian is taunting Christian further by adding a specific antique candelabra to the Everleigh catalogue, knowing he’ll recognize it. He now needs Catherine Everleigh to help lure out Bohlkov. But he needs Lilah to help him with Catherine.

His brilliant plan is too use the “insider info” he gains from Lilah to woo Catherine, and in the process to kill the Russian general. Solid plan, right?

Except he tends to forget that he’s putting the ladies’ lives on the line. This hits home as he and Lilah are shot at on his country property.

Meanwhile, Lilah is helping the man she’s in love with win her boss, a woman who is soon becoming her friend. This can’t end well.

And at first it doesn’t. And then it does. And it’s simply wonderful. Sigh.

So, final verdict, you need to read this book. You need to read this series. I’m trying to buy up her backlist, and seriously guys, it’s worth it.

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