Kilts & Kraken (Gaslight Chronicles, #3)Kilts & Kraken by Cindy Spencer Pape

My rating: 4.5 of 5 flames

This is a great Steampunk romance and it has an edge of magic to it.
In this world, which was really easy to get into, Geneva is a physician in Edinburgh, Scotland who has just established her practice. As a female doctor, it’s hard enough, but her father tells her to just up and leave her practice because he needs her to heal a stranger. Her father is part of the Order of the Round Table, as is not just asking her on behalf of the Order, but also as a personal favor. She finds she can’t say no.

Magnus is chief of his clan and lives on a magical island. He is tied to the island magically in the sense that the island can heal him, but if he leaves the island, he weakens.

Someone has called up the kraken-giant squid who live in deeper waters- and nearly daily his people are attacked, and many killed. Magnus is washed away during one such battle. A woman finds him on her shore, near death, and calls in a favor. Enter Geneva.

Taking him back to his island is an act of mercy on Geneva’s part-she thinks it’s Magnus’ last wish to die in his home. But once he’s near his island, he’s healing rapidly and unexpectedly. She is only partially shocked because she has a wee bit of magic of her own, and while magic is looked down upon, or not believed in, she knows there’s more than just the practical things in this world.

The two of them have a sweet and passionate love, each knowing it cannot last beyond the week. but in the meantime, the kraken are not the only enemies on the island.

I really enjoyed this one. I’m thrilled to have the first book on my nook, and just bought the second in the series. I really think any Steampunk lover and any paranormal romance lover can enjoy this series-it’s not just for Steampunk readers.

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