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Jinx, You’re It by Cynthia EdenJinx. You're It Series: Trouble For Hire #3
Published by Hocus Pocus Publishing on August 31, 2021
Genres: Contemporary RS
Format: eBook, netgalley
Source: Advance Reader Copy, NetGalley
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Eden brings a red-hot tale of second chance romance between two unlikely lovers.

Life is too short not to have one hell of a good time.

Jinx lives for his good times. With a ready smile and quick joke, his charm carries him through most rough situations. And when his grin doesn’t work, he just uses the down and dirty skills he acquired working Special Forces to get the job done. Life is easy, his luck is perfect, and nothing will slow him down. Except maybe…her.

It was a one-night stand she should forget.

Allison “Ali” Carter does not have time for handsome playboys—not even the ones with killer blue eyes and abs that last for days. Sure, she might have given in just one time and let her desire for Jinx take over, but she is not about to repeat that mistake, no matter how great the night was. She’s down on the Gulf Coast for a week of sun and relaxation. Jinx isn’t part of the plan.

Until he is the only plan.

Trouble has followed Ali down to the coast. On her last classified mission, she acquired a most dangerous stalker. The kind of guy that you can’t ditch, no matter how hard you try. The kind of guy who can scare a woman to death. And to help Ali deal with him? A most unlikely hero offers up his services.

He wants his second chance.

When Ali walked away from Jinx, it shouldn’t have hurt. He should have forgotten her and moved on. But since that fateful night, she’s been in his head. Been tormenting his dreams. So when she appears in his PI office and she’s in danger? Jinx immediately leaps into action. He’ll show Ali that he’s more than just a fast grin. This time, it’s not about being lucky. This time, it’s about protecting Ali and maybe, just maybe…winning her heart.

Author’s Note: Jinx is about to get lucky. He’s getting a second chance with the woman who slipped through his fingers, and he isn’t about to let her vanish again. Ali thinks he doesn’t take life seriously, and she may just be right. But, when it comes to Ali’s safety, Jinx will go all in to prove that he’s the man she needs. Danger doesn’t scare him. Behind his grin, he’s ice cold and willing to do whatever it takes to protect the one woman who slipped past his guard. Action, romance, danger, and fun are waiting in JINX, YOU’RE IT. (Stand-alone read, guaranteed happy ending!)

This is the third book in Ms. Eden’s new series Trouble For Hire. Odin, Warren, and Jinx have all been working for the same off the books government agency. And while War and Odin are now working as Private Investigators at Trouble For Hire, Jinx is sort of freelancing. War hired him on, but Jinx isn’t fully done with Uncle Sam…or rather, Uncle Sam isn’t really done with him. Another of their teammates, Ali, has been helping War and Odin as well, but she’s not ready to come in full time. She is however, trying to get out of that off the books group they’ve all worked with. She’s done and wants out. But it’s never that easy.

Ali has a stalker. One who will kill anyone who gets too close to her. She and Jinx had an amazing night after the end of a mission a few months back, but she’s afraid to get too close. She’s afraid her stalker will hurt Jinx.

Jinx hasn’t forgotten their night together. He’s wanted Ali since the moment he saw her, and finally having her…it wasn’t enough. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough. But after hiding his pain and intentions behind a quick joke, and an easy grin, he’s starting to think Ali doesn’t take him seriously. When she comes back into his life, his new mission is to change that. He wants Ali, and he wants her for keeps. The problem is that she keeps dodging him.

Ali isn’t just dodging Jinx. She’s keeping him safe. The one time she went to see him, her stalker called her and threatened Jinx. Ali is a hacker, and she’s one of the absolute best. Since she can’t find this guy, she’s worried. After months of looking over her shoulder and not being able to get close to anyone, she finally goes to Trouble For Hire. Her friends War and Odin will help, and she feels their unique skills can find this creep. She doesn’t expect to find Jinx there.

These two have explosive chemistry, and they work well together. I also love how Ali never doubts Jinx, even when evidence stacks against him. Theirs is a relationship that feels real and organic. I didn’t want it to end!

I’m really enjoying this series a lot. I also hope the plot twist in this book finds its way into another book down the road (not spilling the beans!). I love the way this author writes Romantic Suspense. We have all the things we’ve come to expect from a Cynthia Eden novel. An intense plot, twists you don’t see coming, a hero who will do anything to protect his heroine, a heroine who wants to protect her hero right back, and a couple with off the charts chemistry.

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