Highlight: The Immortals Series by Jennifer AshleyThe Calling by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, Robin T. Popp
Series: Immortals
Genres: Mythology, PNR
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My review from back in the day (aka 2009)

Wow, ok, this is was a fantastic start to a great series!

Adrian is an Immortal. He and his 4 brothers were created by different goddesses and mortal priests so that the world would have 5 demi-gods with compassion for humanity around to pound on the bad guys. Well, 700 yrs ago, Tain, Adrian's brother and one of the Immortals, was captured by a demon and he has been tortured daily since then.

After that, the other brothers all walked away from their respective goddess-mothers. Then we meet Adrian. What I love about him is he's Egyptian. This whole series has a different mythology and a different concept than any of the others I've read. I mean how often do we have an Egyptian demi-god wielding a sword and who has an arm cuff that can become a snake buddy (ok, really it's his familiar). I mean c'mon, that's awesome!

So one night Adrian helps a witch, Amber, defeat a demon. Oh, and they fall in love. Hard.

Her sister had recently been killed by a demon, but right before that, she'd found Tain. Adrian hasn't had any word about his brother. AT all. For 700 years. So they team up and find him.

Turns out Tain is still with the demon who captured him, and how hell-bent on ending the world so he can finally have peace in death. Oh, and by the way, he'd completely insane from the torture and sex of the demon.

So amber and her coven perform The Calling, a spell to call the Immortals. It hasn't been used in 700 yrs, but hopefully acts like a paranormal beeper; they hear it, they come. Tain and the demon interrupt .

Next up is The Darkening by Robin T. Popp. See, this whole series is written by 3 different authors. They each have a warrior, and each will continue the story. There are 8 books:

The Calling (Immortals, #1)
The Darkening (Immortals, #2)Immortals  The AwakeningThe Gathering (Immortals, #4)The Redeeming (Immortals, #5)The Crossing (Immortals, #6)The Haunting (Immortals, #7)The Reckoning (Immortals, #8)

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I’ve decided I don’t spotlight my favorites enough, so I’m dedicating this post to Jennifer Ashley’s Immortals series.

I’ve included a review of just the first book since this would be a huge post if I did all 8 😉

Jennifer Ashley’s Immortals series has been a favorite of mine for years, but it’s been out of print for a while. Now you can get them as ebooks! Basically, there are 3 authors, Jennifer Ashley, Robin T. Popp, and Joy Nash. Each author takes a book until the last book which, when it was in paperback was an anthology. Now you can buy them as ebooks! Joy Nash’s novella from the anthology has been expanded and reworked as Blood Debt. 

What I love about this series is that we see more than just the typical Greek pantheon of gods. We see Egyptian, Celtic, demons and fae, all kinds of mythology! It’s fantastic, and it’s heartbreaking. Tain is just…well he’s broken. He’s been tortured for centuries. Centuries. He doesn’t believe in good or compassion or love any more. His road is the hardest. Adrian is your sexy and typical alpha male, Darius and Kalen were everything from sexy to grumpy. I loved them all. In the following books you’ll see some side characters get their HEA as well.

This really is a great and different series. Hope you enjoy!

Book List via Goodreads:

1. The Calling by Jennifer Ashley

2. The Darkening by Robin T. Popp

3. The Awakening by Joy Nash

4. The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley

5. The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley

6. The Crossing by Joy Nash

7. The Haunting by Robin T. Popp

8. The Reckoning Anthology (in paperback only) by all 3 authors of which only Blood Debt is available, however Jennifer Ashley’s novella will be up for sale shortly.