Heart of the Sea by Nora RobertsHeart of the Sea by Nora Roberts
Published by Jove on December 5, 2000
Genres: Romance
Pages: 369
Format: eBook
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The breathtaking conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with Jewels of the Sun and Tears of the Moon...

Darcy Gallagher has always believed in the pull of fate, the magic of legend... and the importance of money. She longs to find a rich man who will sweep her away - into a world filled with glamour and adventure, and the exotic life that is her destiny...

A wealthy businessman with Irish blood, Trevor Magee has come to Ardmore to build a theater - and uncover the secrets hidden in his family's past. He thought he had given up on love long ago, but Darcy Gallagher tempts him like no woman ever has. She's gorgeous, intelligent, and she knows what she wants - and he's more than willing to give it to her. But as their mutual attraction flares into passion, they look into their hearts - and find out what happens when you truly believe...

This is the third book in the Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy and it wrapped everything up nicely. Throughout the series, we’ve seen the family pub as the center of everything. Aidan runs it, Darcy is the main server, Shawn has been the cook for years, but really he’s a songwriter who is about to sell his first song to a man who coincidentally wants to develop a theatre/concert hall right on Gallagher land. In this book, that man finally makes his way to Ireland.

Darcy has always joked that she wants to be rich. Usually she jokes about marrying rich, but for a woman who works as hard as she does, that would never be enough.

Trevor Magee is a developer with ties to Ardmore. Something has been pulling him back to his roots, and this theatre is the perfect excuse. He wants to see the property. He may wear suits in the boardroom all day, but he’s no stranger to a hard hat. He’s staying in Fairy Hill Cottage now, with a ghost and possibly the king of the fairies.

Darcy wakes up one morning to the noise of the job site since she’s in the apartment above the pub, and looking out her window sees a handsome man working hard. Their eyes meet and bam! But she doesn’t know he’s Trevor, not right off the bat. They flirt a little…and then a lot. They are good together, and Trevor is falling more and more for Darcy, but he knows she wants to be rich, so when his time comes to go back to New York, and he wants her to come with him…he makes it more about the money, and less about the fact that he loves her. The king of the fairies has to step in and set him straight, because his own fate is tied to theirs. Finding the right words is hard for Trevor, until he almost loses Darcy, and the words come spilling out. I loved the ending.

This whole trilogy is definitely bingeable, and enjoyable. I love how effortlessly Nora Roberts sets up her stories and how different each set of characters is from the previous one. This isn’t a new series at all (1999? 2000?) but its definitely relatable still, minus some computer comments. I definitely recommend this trilogy and really, you get 4 romances for the price of 3, since the fairy king gets his long-awaited happily ever after as well. I hope you grab it while the books are still on sale!

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