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I first met Scott at the RT convention in Los Angeles, CA. This was his first Reader/Book Convention and I'm sure it was all VERY overwhelming. Nevertheless, he survived his adventure during that convention as a Man of Romance and has become a welcome sight each time I attend a conference and see him in attendance.

Always humble, charming and sincere... He is one of my favorite book cover models I've had the pleasure to meet.

I was able to distract him from his busy schedule and ask a few questions that my readers might find interesting. If you are attending the Hot Mojave Knights readers convention in Las Vegas later this month; you'll definitely get a chance to meet him in person.

scott nQ: What started you out in book cover modeling?

A: I wanted to get into modeling since I was early in college – I did some very small time runway stuff in Pittsburgh. I kind of gave up for a while when I was told by a Pittsburgh based magazine, that I would never be muscular enough to hold a woman’s attention; or men to want my physique. 3 yrs ago, Cindy Walker had an ad up looking for men to compete in Mr. Romance and I sent her a few photos; after that the rest is history.

Q: when/where was your first book convention?

A: I attended the 2011 RT-LA in downtown Los Angeles and had an absolute blast.

m3Q: what character/costume have you enjoyed the most for a cover?

A: I’ve not done too many custom shoots where the entire shoot was based on a pre-determined character. But I’d have to say that my favorite shots to do are anything paranormal with some weapons. I have some shots that I did with Renee Needham that were with a 4′ broad sword, those came out awesome. *wink*

Q: What is the most memorable moment from a Con involving a reader/author you’ve attended?

A: Oh wow, what a loaded question; Loaded in the sense that I’ve had SO many moments that I’ll remember from past conventions. I mean, I’d have to say that I can’t really narrow it down to one moment with an author/reader. I’d have to just say that this year in Kansas City RT an author comes running up to me and holds a book cover in my face that is me, in a cowboy shoot from Hot damn Designs that I didn’t even know I had. It was Randi Alexander and she was so excited to meet me and gave me this huge hug. It was pretty cool, and we hung out the rest of the weekend at various times.

Q: have you been competing recently?

A: In bodybuilding; I have not competed since I competed in the Arnold Amateur in 2012, but I took a solid 8 months off to train and put more size on, and I will be competing again this Nov. 9th in the Kentucky Muscle Men’s Physique competition. Men’s Physique is where the guys are more “model” style and wear board shorts and have much less posing that traditional bodybuilding.

Q: do you have a favorite author?

A: I, unfortunately, do not have time to read really anything romance oriented. So I don’t have any real input on that.

Q: did you know readers/ authors and bloggers could be so much fun?

A: NO. Flat out, I had no idea this genre of modeling would be this fun and this serious at the same time. The authors/readers are so passionate for their books, stories, and hero’s that you don’t DARE mess with any of them *laughing* it cost ya a beating. But seriously, I realy enjoy doing the blog tours, and blog interviews. It lets the readers and authors connect with me and create that working relationship.

cover imageQ: Who’s book cover do you want to grace next?

A: I recently had an AWESOME cover come out with Tamara McHatton for her latest book and it came out better that I thought it ever could. Desert Breeze Publishing did the cover and did an awesome job. But I’m chasing Cherry Adair to get on one of her self-release covers. She’s talked to me for3 years that she’s going towards that side of things, so I’m waiting patiently. I chased Sheila English from Circle of Seven to work with her in one of her trailers and I FINALLY, just last weekend, made that happen and had an absolute blast.

Q: What are you looking forward to at the HMK CONVENTION?

A: I’ve never been in Vegas – but I’ve also never been to an inaugural event and this is the first year for HMK and so I can’t wait to help the organizers make this a convention to remember, and make everyone want to come to again.

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Thanks Scott! I will see you later this month at HMK Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Are you interested in attending the HMK convention?  Go to: http://www.hotmojaveknights.com/