Haunted by Gena ShowalterHaunted on January 14, 2019
Pages: 163
Format: eBook
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A classic tale from the queen of paranormal romance, Gena Showalter!

Artist Aurora Harper is convinced she’s witnessed a crime—a murder so brutal she’s repressed the memories, only to paint the scene by the light of the moon. Now she needs her new neighbor, Detective Levi Reid, to help her track down the victim—and the killer. Levi’s dealing with his own memory issues, but one thing he knows for sure: Harper is meant to be his, and nothing can take her away from him—not in this life…and not in death.

Originally published in 2012

*This is an older book from 2012 that’s been reissued.

Harper felt drawn to a certain apartment building and dragged her roommate out of their house and moved in. Meanwhile, she’s been having blackouts and losing time.

Levi, a detective on leave for how his last case went down, has been experiencing the same things. Blackouts, lost time, and a weird compulsion to move into a crappy apartment.

Harper has been sleepwalking, er sleep-painting. She’s an artist and at night she’s been painting a horrific and bloody scene. She decides to tell her cop neighbor her theory: she thinks she witnessed a murder and her subconscious has been pushing her to paint it. She wants him to help her figure out what she’s repressed.

He’s grumpy and his partner is pretending he doesn’t exist. He’s suspended and losing time. He has his own issues, he doesn’t need this hot blonde and all her chaos to upend his life. But he can’t get her out of his head either.

I know that this is 8 years old, but I don’t want to spoil it. The prologue and the title allow for the fact that someone is haunted here. In this book, some people can see/communicate with the dead, some can’t. It’s a normal thing. And there’s a ghost hunter type company that operates like hiring a private detective would. Harper’s roommate works for the local branch of them, but she doesn’t want Harper to go to them for help. Now this is something I wish had been fleshed out more. I wish we’d gotten more information earlier on about them, and that they’d been utilized sooner.

So Levi and Harper band together to help figure out why they both are having blackouts, why Harper is painting a gruesome murder that more and more looks like the last case Levi worked on, and through it all figure out why they were both pulled to this crappy apartment building.

I liked this world and the characters. It went in a different direction than I thought it would, and that ending would really really make an amazing detective series. Like, I know it’s been 8 years, but seriously, a series based on these two would be exciting and something fresh out in Romancelandia.

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