Flirting with RescueFlirting with Rescue by Sidney Bristol
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Can I say a book is sassy? This book is sassy. I loved it.

This is the fun kind of novella that combines some of my favorite things. It’s steamy, it has a hero who loves animals, and a saucy heroine who knows her own mind.

Like in this scene:

“Scott whispered something in Spanish she didn’t quite catch. Most of the time she could puzzle it out, but not when her brain was focused on how to get him out of his pants.”
I like a heroine who knows what she wants 😉

This starts out with Cody, a former barrel racer, who is coming to pick up some confiscated horses. When she meets the man who runs the shelter, a super sexy Cuban named Scott, the sparks start flying.

With some sick horses on his hands that he knows very little about, Scott calls in for help. He gets Cody, the granddaughter of the man who usually helps out. And he also can’t get her off his mind.

There is more going on with these horses than they know, and with a dark car watching Cody’s every move, they need to figure things out and fast. But is there room for a relationship when all that’s between them are some horses?

What a fun, flirty, sweet and sassy book. I’m still smiling.

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