Halloween Heat V MenageHalloween Heat V Menage by Alyssa Turner
My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

***This is an erotica anthology

This is a short anthology full of steamy stories that will leave you needing a cold shower;)

Thrills and Chills by Alyssa Turner-2 flames
Kind of a tease as far as the ménage goes-it sets it up. But what I didn’t like was that they were really young. Like just out of high school young. That’s just not my taste.

Deployment Gifts by Jennifer James WOW! -5 flames
This was about a girlfriend who wanted to set her sort of boyfriend up with a night to remember before a long deployment. She gets her good friend Jade to join them and it’s a hot, sexy and romantic story.

Phantom Pleasure by Eden Summers-4.5 flames
Here, a woman’s husband sets up a threesome for her, but he and the other man don’t let her know who’s who right off the bat. This was a sexy, steamy read that will leave you wanting an ice water.

Taking Candy by Vristen Pierce-4 flames
I did like this, even though it’s not my usual taste, but what I didn’t like was that right away Candy finds a guy and they go around a corner for a quickie, then she moves on. I think I would have liked it better if she hadn’t had Rico, he seemed unnecessary. I did think that is was short and sexy and will leave you hot and bothered.

Trick or Treat by Ana Maria Pasion-2 flames
Oh I didn’t like this one at all. It was two 18 year old boys peeping at a woman who leaves her window open. She catches them, of course, and brings them inside. This one is just dirty. I just am not a fan of teenagers and middle-aged women. If they had been older, I would have liked it more, or if the ending had been different. But the ending ruined it for me.

***Thank you to Eden Summers for the ARC

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