Fate’s Match by Elysabeth GraceFate's Match on August 3, 2018
Pages: 198
Format: eBook

In a world that enslaves her people, Amina bint Daoud doesn’t expect to find her life mate on board a Spanish galleon. Truth be told she has no time for love. When her telepathic touch binds her to the arrogant pirate Michael Drake, she discovers Fate sees things differently. Amina’s role in angelic prophecy has to take precedence over her revenge on Mephistopheles and his demons.

One of Elizabeth I’s elite privateers, Michael Drake refuses to play at the game of love, especially in a world filled with supernaturals. Too bad, Fate wasn’t listening the day he seized a Spanish galleon. When Amina bint Daoud’s telepathic touch creates an unbreakable union, Michael finds himself bound to a destiny he doesn’t quite believe in even if he is a supernatural.

For this unwilling pair, fighting demons may be far easier than resisting the angelic prophecy that binds them to an unexpected mating of their hearts. 

When Amina is on a ship that’s under attack, she begs Fate to save her and her savior appears…but he’s one of Queen Elizabeth I’s privateers. This pirate is a lot more than he seems, and more than Amina wants to admit. Whether she wants it or not, their destinies are connected.

Michael finds his new life mate is nothing like he expected. She’s powerful, she’s young, and she’s hiding something. But in the war between demons and angels, they each have their role. And while they both have powers and kill demons, so much of what they did was separate. I felt like they would have made a great team. It drove me nuts that he left her home locked in while he would leave. I wanted them to be partners in battle, not just life.

That being said, this is a fresh world in Paranormal Romance that isn’t like anything I’ve read before. It’s a different take on angels and demons, and deals heavily in Middle Eastern myth. It’s an intense and beautiful world Ms. Grace has created.

Oh and a quick note, bookmark the glossary and refer to it!

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