DemonLover got the Great Blog Neighbor Award!
I received this award from Stella @ ExLibris blog
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Here are a list of blogs that I love and are great blog neighbors, I’m passing this award on to:
 Blueicegal @ Fantasy4eva
Then I have a special award for the SEXY people…
Tori @ Book Faery

I also got this fantastic award from Fantasy4Eva blog
Thanks you to my fellow Affiliate Blueicegal @ Fantasy4Eva
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Here’s the last 5 books I’ve read:
1. Forever Bound (erotica) by Chloe Stowe
2. Moscow Rules (Thriller) by Daniel Silva
3. Dark Lover (PNR) by Brenda Joyce
4. The Last Song (Romance) by Nicholas Sparks
5. Jacob (PNR) by Jaquelyn Frank
I’d like to pass this on to some of my favorite book review bloggers!