Deeper Than The Ocean by Julie Ann WalkerDeeper Than The Ocean by Julie Ann Walker
Series: Deep Six #4
on May 31, 2021
Pages: 305
Format: eBook
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Brand new hot romantic suspense from New York Times and USA Today Julie Ann Walker

Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse took one look at Chrissy and knew she was the woman of his dreams. There’s a hitch, however. He screwed things up with her. Big time. Now all she wants is to be friends. He’ll have to be his most charismatic and charming self if he has any hope of changing her mind. And winning her heart.

Christina Szarek knows all about sexy, brooding men like Wolf. She grew up watching her mother fall for – and be broken by – plenty of them. If she had her way, she’d avoid Wolf altogether. But they’re partners in the hunt for the Santa Cristina’s legendary treasure. Avoidance is impossible. And the longer she’s near him, the more he chips away at the walls she’s erected against him.

The danger to Chrissy doesn’t only come from her burgeoning feelings, however. There are mysterious players who would see her silenced – for good. And Wolf, with his wicked grin and spec-ops training, is all that stands between her and a date with death in the deep.

Today we have an exclusive guest post from author Julie Ann Walker. I am so excited to present this to you. My daughter and I were talking about mis-heard song lyrics just the other day! (She is 7 so we’ve had a few funny ones). Share any you’ve mis-heard in the comments! And now, without further ado, I turn it over to Julie Ann Walker:

Hey all you romantic suspense fans! Julie Ann Walker here, celebrating the release of the fourth book in my bestselling Deep Six series, DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN, by giving you the inside scoop on why this novel might be favorite yet.

Does it have a hunky hero? Check. A twisty, turny suspense plot? Check, check. A tough heroine who holds her own? Triple check. Lusty sex scenes that’ll light your eReader on fire? You betcha! But none of those things are what makes me love this book so much.

You might think I’m crazy, but I am goo-goo-gah-gah over this novel because the hero, Ray “Wolf” Roanhorse, is known for mishearing song lyrics. Silly, right? But oh! Does it make for some fun and funny dialogue. Plus, I adore a hero who has a few lovable quirks, don’t you?

So, without further ado, below are five of Wolf’s more egregious misheard song lyrics. Enjoy!

1) “If you like bean enchiladas” instead of “If you like piña coladas.” Escape by Rupert Holmes.

2) “I’m not big on sausage gravy” instead of “I’m not big on social graces.” Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

3) “Cool Whip in my hair” instead of “Cool wind in my hair.” Hotel California by The Eagles

4) “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not” instead of “It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not.” Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

5) “Cereal. Little darlin’. Cereal” instead of “Stir it up. Little darlin’ Stir it up.” Stir It Up by Bob Marley.

It’s hilarious to watch a big, tough Navy SEAL who succeeds at everything else he does in life fail so miserably when it comes to getting song lyrics correct. I hope you’ll give DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN a read to see if you love Wolf as much as I do!

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