by Marilee Brothers
If you thought Allie’s life couldn’t get any more complicated…
As I followed Ryker into the faery kingdom he called Boundless, the ground beneath us began to shake, and a voice that sounded like living thunder boomed, “You dare to bring this mortal into our world?”

I clapped my hands over my ears, frantically looking around for the source of the fearsome noise. Oh, this can’t be good, Allie. I made a move toward Ryker. Strangely, he was grinning like crazy and pointed to the pool and waterfall. “Over there.”

I took a cautious step forward. All at once, something burst from the water, reared back and let loose with an ear-splitting bellow so frightening, I screamed in terror. The ground shook harder. Or maybe it was my legs. I froze in my tracks, even though my brain said, “Run, Allie, Run!”

The creature looked like a humongous black horse with moss-covered green scales growing out of its back, flaring nostrils and water weeds tangled in its flowing mane. Its mouth was open, exposing large, slime-green teeth.

“What… is… that… thing?” I gasped.

“Allie, meet Uncle Davey. Uncle Davey, this is Allie,” Ryker said calmly, as if I’d been invited for Sunday dinner to meet and greet the family.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to think of this novel…but, I found myself enjoying this YA PNR book more and more as it when on. For being the third in a series, I followed the plot; not reading the first 2 book prior to this one. The only worry I had was the speed of light, fast pace of the book. It felt rushed, the content was good; but I almost wanted to scream “slow down, don’t go so fast!”. 
As the pace slowed, the characters developed and a delightful story emerged from the pages.

Allie finds herself in…well, what’s a love triangle +1? Love Quadrangle? lol. Her Ex TV star boyfriend Junior comes back to town, Her current half-demon boyfriend Beck decides he has to “heal” a girl in college and a Faerie named Ryker is convinced they are destined to be together…wow and that’s not even a little bit of the mess she’s in.
The story delivers must more then the usual teenage angst and awkward messy situations; it’s truly only one hot scene away from full out PNR… but no, this book gets a PG-13 rating and 4 Stars for a well written story.
All of the elements are there… Shapeshifters, Faerie, Fae, Magic, Changlings and much more. I liked this book a lot; I think I may have to go back and read the first two of the series.