Butterface by Avery FlynnButterface by Avery Flynn
Published by Brilliance Audio, Entangled Publishing on July 30, 2018
Pages: 272
Format: Audiobook
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Everythings sexy BUT her face? That's what it means...

Butterface. Leave it to author Avery Flynn to broach this long past high school nightmare. No one ever wanted to be called this as a teen, or as an adult for that matter.
But, this story focused a lot on Gina's face and self-esteem issues.

a woman regarded as having a desirable body but an unattractive face.

Well that's how the dictionary explains it. Enter Regina, or Gina to her friends & family. So she's not a looker; big nose and average face...why must she act as her only alternative in life is celibacy or believing everyone is just trying to mess with her? I found it a little hard to believe that her "butterface" incident has haunted her into adulthood, but I digress. She's over it...kind of. And now she's a business owner making her own mark on the world...

The story is sweet, sexy and Ford is hot. Ford the undercover cop is HOT! Ford is a VERY important part of the story.

So boy meets girl
girl & boy get razzed into kissing boy on KissCAM at a wedding
girl get butterflies
boy get butterflies
girl ends up in boys hotel room! Ooops I don't want to spoil any good parts.

Without giving you too much... this is a great read. Some may not like the message, or the way the ending comes about; but nevertheless we get a great story and more importantly, our characters get a HEA.