Bound By Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #8)Bound By Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

I’d like to just point out that the image doesn’t do the cover justice-it’s super shimmery and silvery, I wish you could see it–it’s really gorgeous.

Moving on, Bound by Darkness was a good addition to the series Guardians of Eternity. I liked the characters, and loved Levet, but I wish we had gotten more of him-usually he’s got a bigger role. I guess I hadn’t realized just how big a role until we didn’t have him.

Remember the Hunter Jaelyn from the last book Devoured by Darkness? She is our heroine-a kickass, stoic, warrior who is all about the next assignment. In fact, she actually yanked a guy’s tongue out, she’s that tough. Emotions are literally beaten out of them during their training, so all these new feelings she feels when she’s around her target are more than confusing, they’re unnerving.

Jaelyn’s target is Ariyal, the Prince of the Sylvermysts. His story is pretty interesting, and intense, but unfortunately we don’t get much of it-just the basics. I wish we’d been given more of his brutal treatment at Morganna’s hands. It felt necessary to know more, and it would have let us see how he was chosen (reluctant) prince, and why. But, that notwithstanding, I liked his motivation and genuine care for his fellow Sylvermyst tribe.

I loved the ambiguity of the villain, and the sham of control he felt. Sergei was back, and wasn’t as awful as I’d first thought. The child who was to be used as a vessel for the Dark Lord to return to our world, and the way they (temporarily?) stopped him was pretty neat-I can’t tell you what happened it would be a spoiler-

My big thing was I wasn’t sure how the author would resolve was how Styxx may be the Anasso, there still seemed some things that were out of his control-but the way he dealt with those things? Loved it! It made me much happier with our Happy Ending.

Oh, really quickly, read this one before the novella in the The Real Werewives of Vampire County, Sophia’s story directly follows this book.

Final Thoughts:

A good addition to the series, and an intense, action-packed ride with an emotionally unavailable female and a sexy Dark Fae.

Fave Quote:

”Jaelyn was about as submissive as a rabid lion.”

***Thank you to Kensington for the review copy and to Alexandra Ivy for letting me bug you

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