The McKinnon – The Beginning (Book 1)
by Ranay James

If you like historical romance with a touch of supernatural and time travel thrown in; check out The McKinnon series by new author Ranay James.  This is the first in a five book series. Currently priced at $.99* on Amazon in Kindle format 

Stubborn, strong willed Lady Morgan, Seventh Duchess of Seabridge, orphaned and left to be raised by her cruel uncle who abuses and imprisons her for 7 years has just escaped her jailer (dressed as a boy).  She ends up falling into the hands of Nic McKinnon one of King Henry’s Knights headed to claim his prize for years of loyal service to the crown.

Little do they both know that this chance meeting will lead them on a grand adventure that will span centuries; they suffer many hardships along the path that fate has set before them.  Their struggles to find trust and love make this a heart warming and tear shedding story that pulls you into their world and continues on with family and friends in the books to follow. 

I personally couldn’t put it down and went right into the second and third stories. I look forward to reading the remaining stories and will continue to follow this author. Hope you Enjoy!

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