The Third Installment
of “A Vampire’s Kiss” is on sale NOW!
This is what you’ve been waiting for
Vol.1, No.3 (Chapters 7-9)
At the end of Vol.1., No.2 we left Sara sitting in Dray’s kitchen, wrapped only in a towel. Much to her surprise he’d just offered her a job at Manigault Technologies. Of course, Sara has a unique way of “discussing” business. What can I say? It involves a waterbed and…well, you get the picture. Afterwards, she also has a few ideas about how to negotiate a contract that even Donald Trump would envy.
No, I’m not kidding. *wicked grin*
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Laura’s work is just plain fun and sexy, this latest addition is no different. I have found myself captivated by Drayton Manigault and unable to quench my thirst for more knowledge about this “sex on a stick”. He is mysterious and lickably delicious, and did I mention he’s rich? Well, he is and he seems to be a man who gets and takes what he wants.
At this moment what he wants is Sara Gadsden, a green witch. She is sexy, quirky, naughty and full throttle all the time. No regulator installed on this woman, she does, says and has whomever & whenever she wants.(reminds me of the author?) Sara is a free spirit and she will not be reined in by any man or in this case; any vampire, unless it’s on her own terms.
When Dray and Sara are together in the same room, it’s like flint & steel, what you’re inevitably get is FIRE, and lots of it.

So if you haven’t read the first 6 chapters, you a dangerously behind. Run and don’t walk to get your fix. I know that other speed readers like myself, are going to be dying to get thier hands on the next installment… only 30 more days to wait! EEk!