The 12 erotic tales of Lucy LocksThe 12 erotic tales of Lucy Locks by Cameron Glenn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like the premise of this book:
A paranormal ghost hunting team visits an old asylum and discovers a journal left by a doctor from the ’40s. His patient was schizophrenic and delusional and her sessions with the doctor are listed in the journal.

I received this copy as an ARC, so it’s pre-edit, and pre-pub.
I only say this because I won’t be commenting on spelling, grammar or sentence structure (ex. stole away vs. stow away).

That being said, I really like the premise of this book. So much so that I’m giving it 3 stars even though I hated Dr. Conrad (hint-we’re supposed to so I’m not being a jerk!) and I think that the word “erotic” in the title is a bit of a misnomer. Note to book sellers: This is NOT an erotica novel, please don’t file it as such.

What happens is, that the private journal of Dr. Conrad is found by a paranormal investigative team and the lead investigator reads it. Wow. We are first introduced to Miss Lucy Locks as Dr. Conrad is interviewing her about an escape attempt from the asylum she’s housed in. He is trying to understand why she repeatedly attempts these failed escapes.

As we get to know Dr. Conrad and Lucy, we find out that he was a friend of her father’s and he’d watched her grow up.

We also see her escape attempts are more than just attempts at attaining freedom, but also are her escape from the world.

“Do you have an erotic fantasy to share, Lucy? One you experienced last night?
“I don’t know about erotic fantasy. But I fell in love last night.”

We see her being a delusional young girl, but as the journal progresses, we see that perhaps she isn’t so delusional.

We also see the good doctor perhaps isn’t so good… (Highland Hussy zips her lips against the 2 big giant spoilers).

I thought the delusions for what was actually happening to her were a great cover, and escape for poor Lucy’s mind. The demon that always dragged Lucy back to her reality was a great concept! But Dr. Perv-o drove me nuts! It’s hard to read in first person when you hate that person!

The only things I didn’t like were:
The erotic tales weren’t so erotic.
The mystery housed within her delusions could have been alluded to sooner.
And I didn’t like how a few times I felt as if the author were taking mocking stabs at the romance genre.

“These types of stories always lose their steam after the pent up romantic friction has boiled over.”

And that could totally be me misrepresenting the passage, but there were several and that’s how it came off to me.

So, being that I got this as an ARC, and as a response to a review of this author’s previous book Cupid’s Overlook, I would now like to thank the author for letting me read this one as well.

***There’s an author’s note in the back of the book, and I really wanted to say in reference to that, “Thank you, and you more than made it up to me.” I hope that this one does well.

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