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Loved this books. DJ has a wonderful way of pulling you into the story and letting you get into the head of his characters.

Lance had long ago vowed never to love and decided to use his sexy body and handsome face to ensure he is never, ever poor again.

After his business associate died, his contract null, he is forced to find another man that would like to have his kind of services, a contracted lover and fantasy all rolled into one and in return Lance would continue to live a very comfortable life. A life without strings and love. Jackson Scott is that man.

This was just another job for Lance, he’d done it all before. But something was very different about the way he was feeling, he can’t seem to keep his eyes off Tobias…he can’t stop thinking about him. Toby is Jackson’s right hand man, assistant in everything and apparently part-time lover as well. What is it about Toby? Why is Lance suddenly getting sick when he should be getting turned on? Ah Hell, he doesn’t know what the hell is going on…

DJ’s book is HOT, not to mention expertly written, heart felt and intriguing. I love the chemistry between Lance and Toby, and loved to hate Jackson and his self-centered ways.
Hank, our country bred chauffer, let’s just say you have to read the book in order to get the goods! WOW.
As always I can hardly put down DJ’s book once I start it.

I can’t wait for the next…