Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (The Others, #10)Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here by Christine Warren

My rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

With Christine Warren, you have to be careful you know which book you’ve got. Although this is new, it is also an older book re-worked that fits in around book 3, rather than as book 10.
This is the full-length novel version of her erotic short “Faer Fetched” from her “Fixed” series.
Since I haven’t read that one, I’m not sure where the different parts are, but I have read a few of her “fixed” series, and let’s just say that woman writes amazing erotica!

here is straight from her website:…

Fantasy Fix (now expanded and retitled One Bite with a Stranger, SMP)
Fur Factor (now expanded and retitled Big, Bad Wolf, coming from SMP, Fall/Winter 2009)
Faer Fetched (novella, coming from SMP)
Fighting Faer (coming from SMP, date TBD)
Fur For All (coming from SMP, date TBD)
Fur Play (at Ellora’s Cave)
Wolf at the Door (SMP)
She’s No Faerie Princess (SMP)
The Demon You Know (SMP)
Any Witch Way She Can (in the anthology No Rest for the Witches, SMP)
Howl at the Moon (SMP)
Walk on the Wild Side (SMP)
You’re So Vein (SMP)

Fantasy Fix – Reggie and Misha, now rereleased as One Bite with a Stranger
Fur Factor — Missy and Graham, as Big, Bad Wolf
Faer Fetched — Danice and Mac
Fighting Faer — Corinne and Luc
Fur For All — Tess and Rafe
Fur Play — Logan (Graham’s former beta) and Honor

Okay, some of the confusion might be cleared up. 🙂

Moving on to the story. I loved it. I enjoyed Mac (a Private Investigator) so so much. I liked Danice, a strong multi-racial woman. she got picked by the senior partner to handle a paternity suit with his spoiled selfish brat of a granddaughter (like Paris Hilton but from Manhattan). The girl was telling tabloids that she was knocked up but refused to tell her grandpa who the man was. I won’t spoil who, or any of the other cool twists, but I WILL say that Danice and Mac got stuck in Faerie together and it was both cool, and frustrating.

Mac is half-sidhe. His mother is the Unseelie King’s mate (I use that term more as meaning consort). So the meetings with his mother were just off the chart in tension and frustration. See, she dumped him on his human daddy’s doorstep when he was a toddler.

The only reason I marked this down from a 4 to a 3.5 is that Danice was one of those stubborn women who is way too intelligent to ignore the fact that she’s in Faerie, and since Mac is half-fae, she ought to let him handle the talking. I realize she’s the best attorney in NY, but come on, she’s smart enough to know when to shut her mouth!

It was often. Mac would squeeze her hand and tell her to shut up, well no man tells Danice Carter to shut up! Then they are hauled off by the king’s guard to a cell. grr…I hate intelligent heroines who act like that!

But plot-wise, great plot, I enjoy Christine Warren’s writing, so good writing, and I love her Others world. while I’m glad that her erotica shorts are being made full-length, I’d love to see some newer ones, more in keeping with the timeline. I really enjoyed Born To Be Wild last Spring, but I think that this one fits more with what we know of Christine Warren’s Others world.

A good read, with a strong heroine and a hot, intelligent, fae hero.

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