I loved this book! Kim is a defense attorney who drew the short straw and has to defend a Shifter named Brian. Brian has been accused of killing his human girlfriend. Now, even though Shifters have been “out” for 20 years or so, and they are Collared-a collar that electricutes them if they have violent tendencies-the humans want a scapegoat. It seems, however, that the Shifters don’t want to help either. They want to make an example of Brian. But Kim is determined to prove his innocence.
Kim goes to Liam, the second in command of Shiftertown, TX and holds her own with the virile, hot Shifter male. But what she discovers is far more than any human has ever seen. Liam scent marks Kim with his scent so she’ll be left alone, but what the other shifters see is Liam taking great pains to protect a human woman. Some are shrewd enough to realize he wants her, others are just angered. Meanwhile, the problem of Feral Shifters is growing.
The Shifters may be Collared, but are by no means tame. But what if someone wanted his off? What would happen? Unfortunately the repressed emotions of 20 years or so comes back all at once, and rather than being free as they want, they become feral killing machines.
Liam claims Kim as his mate, and she wants him, but not all this mating business. Too bad her heart has other ideas. She falls in love with him and they take down Fergus, the clan leader and all around asshole…who has been creating the feral Shifters in his attempts to de-Collar them all…in order to enslave the human race. Why is it always about world domination? Liam gets de-Collared, and tears Fergus apart for daring to touch his mate, and then almost kills his brother Sean. Instead, Kim steps between the 2 Shifter males and soothes Liam enough for Sean to leave, but then she and Liam have hot sweaty sex. But in a huge twist, Liam recovers, puts his Collar back on, then kicks Kim out of his life! he is concerned that he might never be “safe” enough to be around. For weeks they are both miserable until she decides she is his and that’s that. without spoiling the surprise ending, I’ll just say that it was perfect for them, and I loved it.
Great story, great action without sacrificing the story and wonderful characters and world-building without being boring. One of my favorites this year.
5 stars